Board of Directors

EHS is governed by a Board of Directors that is entrusted with the responsibility of establishing the policies of the school and maintaining its financial stability. The Board hires and supervises the Head of School and approves the school’s budget, tuition, and fundraising policies. Directors also act as lead ambassadors of the school in the community.

The officers of the school consist of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, and the Secretary, all of whom are elected for a two-year term. The Directors are elected for three-year terms. Representatives of Yad b’Yad and the chair of the Trustee Leadership Council sit on the Board as ex-officio members.

The Board meets regularly but does most of its work through its committees, and parents are encouraged to become involved in one or more of these committees even if not a member of the board. The typical standing committees of the Board have been the Executive Committee, the Governance Committee, the Finance Committee, the Development Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, the Facilities & Security Committee, and the Head of School Support Committee. Ad hoc committees may also be created at the discretion of the President.

The Board of Directors consists of parents of students, alumni, parents of alumni, and community leaders. The Governance Committee meets regularly during the year and issues a slate of new directors and officers each spring. Elections of directors and officers are held at the Annual Meeting in June.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Mark Farber, President
Jessica Black, Vice President
Joanne Light, Vice President
Miriam Blue, Secretary
Rosalie Miller, Treasurer
Robert Salter*, Chairman

Ariel Berger*

Rebecca Brochstein, Yad b’Yad
Dr. Paul Copeland
Jonathan Dubow
Allison Goldberg

Rabbi Richard Perlman

David Pliner
Meryl Rich

Sharon L. Rich

Anne Selby*

Zachary Shwartz

Tamar Skowronski, Yad b’Yad
Jerry Somers

Susan Stahl

Kate Urman

Trustee Leadership Council

The Trustee Leadership Council is an honorary Board whose members are community leaders willing to serve as ambassadors for the school.

Dr. Howard Abrams*
Annebelle Cohen
Dr. Maura Copeland
Dr. Paul Copeland
Arthur J. Epstein
Joan Finn
Michael Finn
Dr. Terry Garfinkle*
Arthur Goldberg
Lois Goldberg

Stephen Goldberg*

Bob Goldman*
Dr. David Z. Greenseid
Linda Greenseid*
Bruce Haskin*
Mimi Karlyn
Robert I. Lappin

Marjorie Patkin
Howard Rich
George Rooks
David Rosenberg
Ira Rosenberg

Judy Rosenberg
Marcia Ruderman
Flori Schwartz
Bonnie Shelkrot*
Alan Sidman*
Josene Steinberg

Bill Stibel*

Sue Stibel
Richard Strauss
Rose-Jane Sulman
Barry Turkanis
Ellen Turkanis

* Past President