Arthur J. Epstein z”l Memorial Campaign

“You can’t imagine how good you will feel when you give to others.”

~Arthur J. Epstein z”l

With much pride, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Arthur J. Epstein z’’l Memorial Campaign at the Epstein Hillel School. Arthur’s presence reverberates through the halls of Epstein Hillel School. We can hear him inquiring about the well-being of the school and his eagerness to offer his assistance. Most distinctly, we can hear him encouraging others to join our community as he asks, “Who are the individuals supporting Epstein Hillel School alongside me?”

Arthur was deeply committed to ensuring that no obstacle stood in the way of attending Epstein Hillel School. This campaign is our way of carrying out his wishes and continuing his legacy of making a Jewish education more accessible to our community. Arthur invested in the future, and we hope you will too.

Don’t wait. An investment in Epstein Hillel School is an investment in our Jewish community.

Honorary Chair

Bryna Litchman

Campaign Chairs

Sharon & Howard Rich
Joan & Steven Bornstein
Carrie & Ariel Berger