EHS Fall Reopening Plan

Throughout the COVID19 pandemic, our EHS community has demonstrated tremendous strength, resilience, and support for one another. As we prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, I am grateful for the extensive time, care, and devotion of our EHS Forward Thinking Task Force. This name was chosen because we cannot simply go back to school; we must move forward in a new reality.  We are proud to share our plan for returning to school for five days a week of in-person learning on September 1st. This plan incorporates advice from healthcare professionals, national and state guidelines, and educational best practices. This plan has been reviewed by the EHS Board of Directors. Thank you for the trust you place in our school and for being our partners as we continue to navigate this new reality with the singular goal of safely educating your children.

EHS Forward Thinking Task Force Members:

Amy Gold, Head of School

Will Potter, Director of Finance and Operations

Mindee Greenberg, Director of Enrollment and Marketing

Cathleen King, Assistant to the Head of School

Pam Gougian, Technology Coordinator

Sarah Boland, LS/MS Teacher

Emily Glore – LS Teacher

Rachel Jylkka-Tesler – MS Teacher

Lauren Santeusanio – SLP Specialist

Lea Winkler – LS Teacher

Four Pathways for Risk Reduction

These four pathways come from the Harvard School of Public Health. Please click each of these to learn more about EHS’s reopening plan for Fall 2020.

These nine core public health principles that Ariadne Labs endorses for reducing risk of COVID-19 infection informed EHS’s decision to reopen, putting the health and safety of kids and adults at the center of everything.