Science Technology Engineering Math

At Epstein Hillel School, STEM learning is integrated throughout the curriculum at all grade levels.

EHS creates a culture of inquiry whereby students learn through authentic hands-on experiences that require both problem finding and solving. The goal is for all students to develop STEM skills including design engineering, computer coding, and fabrication. The school provides and promotes professional development for all teachers to meet these goals. There is a dedicated STEM Coordinator to support school implementation.

Students can pursue new ideas, knowledge, and skills through exploring, designing, coding, tinkering, and building with a variety of tools, media, and resources, such as 3-D printers, laser/vinyl cutters, and robotics in the new Sulman Innovation Center.

School-wide STEM Events

Engineering Design Day

On Engineering Design Day, each grade is presented with an authentic engineering challenge to solve.  With support from teachers, students work in groups to use the engineering design process to build a model which solves their assigned problem.  Students build and test their prototypes under given constraints and then are able to create new iterations based on testing and results. Students are given time to reflect on the process as well as their final product.

Community STEM Night

Epstein Hillel School hosts an event open to the entire community in which families of children from ages 4-12 are invited to participate in varied STEM activities that are led by EHS faculty. The activities are centered around a specific theme and incorporate all aspects of STEM learning.

Day of Code

Every year students participate in Day of Code as a part of the international Computer Science Education Week.  All students spend a fifty minute block of time working to apply computer coding skills or developing new ones. Resources and activities progress developmentally starting with KIBO blocks and Scratch Jr. for our youngest students and progressing to Lego WeDo, Scratch, and Blocks CAD.