Dual Track Jewish Studies Program

Beginning with the class of 2029 (Kindergarten Class of 2020-2021), Epstein Hillel School is thrilled to be offering both the Agam (lake) and the Nachal (stream) pathways for Jewish Studies. These two different approaches flow together to create the beautifully diverse and cohesive EHS community.

The following video was generously sponsored by Dorothy and Richard Tatelman. 

Agam Path

(agam means lake in Hebrew)

The Agam path reflects the diversity of the North Shore Jewish community. It has equal elements of Jewish observance and culture, and is sensitive to the varied practices of our pluralistic Jewish community. Jewish practices are taught and students have the opportunity to experience Jewish customs as they explore the richness and joy of Judaism. Students participate in prayer and Jewish traditions at school while also gaining exposure to Jewish law and ethics. The overarching goal of the Agam path is to be inclusive in its approach and rich in its presentation.

Nachal Path

(nachal means stream in Hebrew)

The Nachal Path was created for families who specifically desire a day school education that is taught according to Orthodox norms. Although open to anyone, this program is designed for children of halachically observant families, or families who prefer this educational orientation. Orthodox Jewish practice is assumed, with the expectation that this mode of education closely reflects the observances practiced in the student’s home. Nachal teachers are observant according to the standards of Orthodox practice.

Learning Together

It is important to note that students in each of the paths receive instruction separately from their peers ONLY during Jewish Studies. All students learn together for general studies and Hebrew language, and participate in all communal celebrations, trips, specials, recess, and lunch together with their grade-level peers.

Note that parents will have the opportunity to select the most appropriate Jewish Studies path for their child prior to the start of the school year.