Student Support Services

At Epstein Hillel, we take pride in our ability to understand and meet the needs of our students’ individual learning styles.

Student Services

The Learning Center is directed by our Director of Student Services who works closely with a learning specialist and speech-language pathologist. Individual and small group support is available in language arts, mathematics, organization, social skills, and articulation/language processing both in and outside the classroom. Learning specialists collaborate with classroom teachers to coordinate support services and monitor student progress. Through close communication and collaboration in school, our Learning Center supports students in meeting full potential.

Students who have undergone testing through either a public school system or by a private evaluator and have qualified for services are eligible to receive all Learning Center and Speech and Language support with no additional charges.


For more information about our Learning Center, please contact Natalie Maryansky, Director of Student Services, 781-639-2880 ext. 245.