Welcome to Our Community

Each year as a classroom teacher (I taught Grades 2 and 3), I would come up with different bulletin boards to welcome my students. My very first was for a small second grade class at The Jewish Primary Day School in Washington, DC. The bulletin board said, “Come Write In” and it featured a pack of #2 pencils each one with my students’ names written on them next to the number two. A different year, I made jigsaw pieces with my students’ names to create an image with all of the pieces fitting together. These ideas were meant to bring together individuals to form a community.

As we start the school year, I’m thrilled to announce an opportunity for all of us to come together. Internationally renowned artist Josh Winer will be an artist in residence in our community from September 19th until October 14th. Josh has designed a unique mosaic in memory of Ralph Kaplan (z”l) which will grace the outside of our building as a legacy to his commitment to family, Cohen Hillel, the North Shore Jewish community, and Israel. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. Our goal is for students, faculty/staff, parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, and community friends to spend time laying tile for our mosaic. Whether you come for fifteen minutes once, or for an hour on multiple days, we want your hands to touch the tiles and help to create this lasting memory.

At Cohen Hillel, we pride ourselves on being a warm, caring and close-knit community. As we begin the school year, I invite you to come and be a part of our school. We have a joyful and spirited kabbalat shabbat experience every Friday at 2:25 pm. If you love theater and dance, please support us by attending our 2016 Gala featuring “An American in Paris” at the Citi Wang Theatre on Sunday, October 30th. There is so much more to come and the school year unfolds and I look forward to welcoming you in the halls of Cohen Hillel!

Shabbat Shalom,