Experience EHS

Kindergarten students learning about garden Fall 2022

Epstein Hillel School (EHS) is a pluralistic, preK-8 independent Jewish day school north of Boston.

Since 1955, our students have been heading out into the world with a lifelong love of learning and a desire to affect change. We provide a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum grounded in Judaism that provides the finest in preK, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school education.

Our teachers recognize and challenge students’ strengths, while developing their natural curiosity to help them reach their full potential. EHS graduates are known for their academic achievements, strong Jewish identity, confidence, and sound moral compass.

EHS is located in Marblehead, MA, a historic ocean town north of Boston and shares a campus with a Jewish Community Center and one of several area synagogues. EHS offers multiple bus routes from communities all around the North Shore to ensure that an EHS education is accessible to all families.

Year after year, our graduates report that attending our school made a lifelong impact – educationally, professionally, and personally. Students graduate from Epstein Hillel with the knowledge, judgment, and confidence to carry them through high school, college, and out into the world.

Here’s why:

Potential קהילה

We See It

Relationships are at the center of an EHS education. Our teachers see children’s potential and help them recognize it in themselves. Our classroom environment encourages collaboration and the open exchange of ideas and opinions. Students are comfortable challenging themselves and are prepared to take risks with the support of their teachers.

Identity זהות

We Foster It

Graduates of EHS have a deep sense of pride and knowledge about Judaism, the Jewish people, and a strong connection to Israel. They have the confidence and courage to speak articulately about their heritage and comfortably converse in modern Hebrew. Families with a wide range of Jewish practices and beliefs feel at home and attribute their children’s judgment, values, and integrity to their education at EHS.

Curiosity סקרנות

We Inspire It

Our talented faculty pique children’s natural interests and engage their problem solving through diverse classroom projects including design engineering projects, ethical debates, and academically rich theater experiences. Students are driven to make connections across disciplines and persevere through challenges when working independently or in small groups.

Intellect בינה

We Develop It

With cutting-edge technology in every classroom, students study algebra, Shakespeare, and computer programming alongside ancient texts. Students tackle sophisticated concepts and practice reasoning as they debate verses of Torah. Teachers harness the power of technology to engage students and bring ideas to life. High school teachers commend our graduates’ academic preparedness, curiosity, confidence, and ability to pursue their passions.

Compassion חמלה

We Nurture It

Children participate in many authentic and meaningful community service projects as part of the school’s commitment to tikkun olam (social action). The projects are tied to curricular units and teach children about our responsibility to take care of others, the community, and the environment. Understanding others’ perspectives and feelings is explicitly taught in the classroom. Our students develop a moral compass that will last a lifetime.

Community קהילה

We Build It

EHS students and families form a tightly woven community. Children experience a sense of belonging stemming from multi-age learning, school-wide celebrations, and an emphasis on appreciating each other’s talents and differences. Our diverse school community includes families from a variety of countries, racial backgrounds, levels of observance, towns, family structures, and income levels.

What’s in a name?

In 2017, businessman and philanthropist Arthur J. Epstein z”l donated $5 million to our school – the largest contribution in the school’s history. The school was subsequently renamed and rededicated in Arthur’s honor. 

Making it clear that he invests in people, Mr. Epstein was quick to point out his confidence in Head of School Amy Gold’s ability to lead. Since assuming the reins in 2015, Amy has relentlessly communicated and acted upon her compelling vision for a progressive, independent day school offering the best K-8 education in Massachusetts and beyond.